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Roby76 shared this idea 42 days ago

I had two accounts a romeo and a hunqz, for I do not know what specific reason or infringement I have both been limited in use, no one sees me or writes me, if I write I can not answer. So I decided to cancel both of them.

I created a new account and this situation has not changed, I can not receive and reply to messages.

I have written several times to contact technical support but unfortunately nobody takes into consideration or responds to my messages.

Even if I had erroneously committed an infraction, I think that since I am trying in every way to contact the assistance to clarify this and if necessary to remedy, I do not receive answers.

Is it possible that a user like me who has been using Planetromeo for more than 10 years must be blocked for life without the possibility of a clarification or without having a second chance? It seems a punishment a bit 'too hard to apply in a site that should be a community.

What should I do to be able to have an admin's attention and to have again the possibility of having a working and not blocked account?

This situation really makes me very sad :(

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I can understand everything, but at least I would like to be able to communicate. ok maybe I may have done something that was not done or maybe I'm a stranger to any infraction. Unfortunately I have also allowed the use of my connection and devices to another person. However, I would like an admin to communicate with me to resolve the situation. I think that even if a person can make mistakes, he or she has the right to be able to explain and have the opportunity to exculpate and solve the problem.

I have used and supported planetromeo for over 10 years sometimes even for a fee, so I strongly regret being stuck in this way.

Please any of the administrators can kindly review my case and contact me to unblock this situation? :(


Please we expecting answer from romeo team


I'm begging the team of romeo, sending e-mails directly to their address to answer me. We are waiting for your answer