Allow escorts to create/join groups

TobyFoxx shared this idea 19 months ago

Please would you allow escorts to create and join groups. It would be great for escorts to be able to create support groups whether they can share advice with one another and seek information about any problems they might be experiencing. It should be the top priority of yours to keep escorts safe and well on PlanetRomeo, and allowing groups would be a good way to do this.

If there are concerns about escorts advertising in 'normal' groups then perhaps make it so that escorts can only join groups created by an escort. Or make it so that no ordinary profiles can join a group created by an escort.

This could even be a premium escort feature as at the moment with the issues around the new app, premium isn't feeling like great value.

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Romeo don't even comment this one. Just decline


It's the kind of treatment I'm getting used to. I've given up giving feedback. They are not a company that cares.


Dude the only reason they care if you get stabbed by some dodgy client is you stop paying them


How about an option for club admins, to allow escorts to join the group?