Annoying Ads in (Android, uncut) App

swalswal shared this idea 2 years ago

I understand that you want to earn money, but I see internet casino ads in the app. They are usually "half legal" and a rip-off, and such ads therefore a no-go. No wonder people use adblockers (which do not always work perfectly).

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I too understand the idea of ads, BUT please be careful what ads you serve..

Not so long ago, there was a specific add that vibrated the phone.

And since the last update, I once saw a pop-up that warned me of a "virus". Since then, every time I use the app, the phone vibrates and it makes a really annoying alarming sound. (Without seeing any add). I can't imagine how terrifying this must be to the novice users..

These are not ads, but spam attacks. Please check your ad network..


Hi Guys,

thanks for reporting these.

While we do use adverts, these ones you are experiencing are, like you say, spam, and should not be happening.

We are looking into this in a lot of detail to come up with a solution, and your feedback is very useful in this. If you could, it would be extremely helpful if you could email with the details of the spam ad you are experiencing so that we can document it.

Also, these ads should not be present in the Store version, only the UNCUT version. If the ads are becoming too much of an issue, we suggest you try the store version until we manage to find a solution.

Thank you very much for you help.



Your ads totally suck and you know it.

And your restriction to see even anything remotely xrated in the app is also ridiculous. Just so you can offer the app in the app store, but who cares about getting planetromeo in the app store. Most gays know of Planetromeo and wouldn't need the app store, or wouldn't coincidentally stumble upon the planetromeo app in the app store while never having heard of it. Get real. Toss the heterosexual boring app store off of your wish list and offer it via the website. And do something about the tacky computer game ads. They are tasteless...


I confirm that this is very annoying. In the last few hours I had:

1) a popup claiming that my smarphone was infected by a virus

2) a popup threatening to block my phone if I did not upgrade something immediately

3) the lound continuous noise that forces one to close the app to stop it

4) several short very loud beeps

This is getting just grotesque. I already reported it to the support team, but this is so macroscopic now that you guys must already be aware of it: don't you ever run your own app? So I guess this is probably the way romeo wants its ads to be.

I'll wait until the next upgrade, then uninstall and report it as malware to all relevant sites.


The basic problem: When you see ads, they are often delivered via an ad network. It would probably be too much work for a company to sell ad spaces on their own. And such networks often contain garbage like


YOUR PHONE IS INFECTED WITH A VIRUS !! Click here to remove it!

Punch the monkey and win 10000 $$$

Your battery is low! Click here to recharge!! (ok, if you believe THAT ...)

If you're really unlucky, you might catch something that encrypts all your personal data, reveals private things to everyone ...

The only way to get rid of this is to ditch the used ad network.

I grew up with this s*** since the late 1990s, and soon took action myself ;->


I too reported it to the support team, but I can't help it and agree with the other 2 guys here:

When you choose an add network, OF COURSE you can choose what ads are displayed. I am sure you wouldn't want to see an ad of a hate group or a far far right political party or Ku Klux Klan, would you????

@swalswal: Of course they use the app. But like the 95% of the gay guys I know, they all use the (ohhhh, ahhh, wow!) iShit crappy thing


I am disgusted by the way that the Planetromeo app uses ads, with loud volume interrupting the usage of the app. The computer games (usually the ads are of uninteresting and boring computer games) have absolutely nothing to do with me, and they seem so random. Pretty disturbing. Also, the volume of the ads is way louder than my standard iPhone volume so when listening to Music while browsing Planetromeo it means I have to quickly lower my volume cause it's so intrusive. This makes me wanna delete my Planetromeo profile, much rather than support the App.

Tip, use ads in small banners or lower volume and offer more interesting ads.


Sorry, but sound in ads or vibration is totally not acceptable. I usually don't see that elsewhere even if the adblocker is not working.