Change the background picture on the login screen more often

Anonymous shared this idea 2 months ago

The picture on the login screen should be changed more often, like at least every month, preferably every week

I mean the guy is cute and all, but I am a little bit bored by seeing the same old ogle stare and tattoo every time I login.

Please show some more different guys of every body type without tattoos. Not everyone is into plain tattooed "beaus".

I wanna see big (and muscular) guys, small guys, bears, otters, hot guys from next door, daddys, guys from different nations, old guys, happy and cozy cuddling couples, kissing, active guys doing sports together, guys in beautiful nature naked or in bulging speedos or jockstraps, and so on and yes of course there can also be younger guys over 21, although I'm personally not into twinks. Show more positive and/or encouraging pictures of the gay "variety" leading to a healthy community.

Maybe also include some pictures that make one smile like a picture of a gay landscaper like from that chappelles show or a cliche guy on roller skates like Terry Bernadino, show a guy licking a lollipop or eating a banana the hot way, play with cliches and fetishes.

You could also show the best pictures of Christopher Street Days while or shortly before they are happening, or other events, maybe with a link for people that are out of the loop and don't go on blogs that often and thus miss great events they did not know about. (Possible advertising should be very subtle and marked of course, if at all)