Create an Android App for HUNQZ escorts

servilejerome shared this idea 4 weeks ago

Please create a HUNQZ App for all escorts, for Android at least (and make it available it on Planetromeo servers)!

Escorts, under the new HUNQZ platform, are not only forced to use the new website ("HUNQZ", which is even much worse than the Beta Planetromeo website). What's more, they are unable to use the "Romeo Uncut" app, and instead have to use a dysfunctional website for their phones and tablets.

At least, escorts should be able to use a specific app. If not uploadable on Google Play because of Google's puritanism, Planetromeo could host the HUNQZ App on its own servers. (The Uncut App, some years ago, was also a workaround when Google refused an app with xxx pics in the Playstore.) One can very well develop apps that are stored on Romeo's website and do not need to be approved for Google Playstore, as was originally the case with Romeo Uncut.

The Hunqz customer support saw no technical objection to my argument, and even encouraged me to submit this idea here in the wishlist.

Some more background info (why a HUNQZ App is needed):

The present situation is unbearable. Escorts are forced to use a website "optimised for mobiles", yet have no proper app to use. So either they use the hunqz website from a mobile and get logged off as soon as the phone/tablet is on standby (i.e. mobile escorts get disconnected all the time, on the supposedly "phone optimized webste" unless they constantly keep the phone on, which is of course pure madness and uses up all the battery in little time)... Or, in order to stay logged in, they need to use this "mobile" website only on a desktop computer. So this "Hunqz" product is only making any sense for escorts who are using a computer (and who must then use a "phone-optimized" website on their computers, i.e. not optimized for desktop).

In the current situation, Planetromeo just made with "HUNQZ" an absurd product that is disfunctional at some level in all situations, instead of designing two products that would each be functional in its specific context, i.e. an app for phones + a website for computers.

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I support your idea, although I would prefer simply to get back the possibility to log-in on Romeo Uncut app. That exclusion was a shame: Romeo BV and Hunqz BV would want to make the best escort site in the world but they impede us to comunicate easy with customers that prefer not to give their telephone number. This is only one of a lot of inexplicable choices by PlanetRomeo in last 1,5/2 years


I understand, I used to think like you, but as they refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, I hope they can at least indirectly learn from them and at least develop new products that are somewhat functional, and not just dysfunctional like the current 'Hunqz' website...

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