Don't make GR into Grindr! (New app layout)

kwain shared this idea 3 months ago

We just got an App upgrade...

With the newest update 3.3.0 the default (and free) layout is the small grid.

There are some problems with this, in the small grid I can't se ANY information on the guys!! Not even their age for God's sake.

The previous version, with a small list was PERFECT, but not only perfect, it was DIFFERENT FROM GRINDR!

You could browse and see lot's of info without going into the profiles of people. And now this new list with HUGE images is just impractical, and I have to pay if I wanna see more than 20 guys?

With this new version you just made the app WORSE than Grindr.

At least in Grindr I can see the age of the people! And even when I also have to pay in Grindr to see more guys, at least the free version shows me MORE than 20 guys.

I am sure you know we use Grindr and GR differently. If you're trying to be the same app (but worse, apparently) I don't think it will be great for you.

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Didn't you realize that PR only wants to be a cheap copy of grindr?! 😏