Filter has an option for 'Unspecified" for all categories

Henry Miguel shared this idea 14 months ago

When filtering there is no option for those guys that didn't answer the categories. Wish you are working on such selection option.

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I agree. This is a big example of how they are superficials in develop their products recently.

From the moment they began to develop beta, also the app has had a lot of problem with filters, for example the grid didn't show users that hadn't set high and weigh XD

It's unbelieveable. I have never seen developers that do this kind of mistakes. They look like to be beginners.


no news about this ?


As far as I can see, this feature is already implemented technically (in the API). But for now, the option is missing in the user interface.

Suggestion: To keep the user interface as clear as possible, the Unspecified option could stay hidden until the user selects at least one option of that filter category.