HUNQZ ratings by none-customers

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There is the manner of frustrated potential customers who where refused by HUNQ or with whom it was not possible to fix a date to write a negative rating. In the past those (guestbook entries) could be deleted easily without any consequences... but not they could be blended out only, but they still count. This is a problem, because if you are an successful HUNQ you get many request per day and of course many, many request from people who are not interessted in a date but in pictures. If you dont send pictures, THESE none-customers are able to give an negative rating now and by that they are able to press an escorts behaviour.

Planetromeo is used by many people who are mentaly conspicuous or begrudging (to people who look good, have nice body and are successfull). If they get a chance to damage them, they will do. At the moment they dont know that there is such easy possiblity to damage escorts profiles. Of course you can put only one rating per profile... but this people have more than one profile.

So please make a possibility to DELETE Ratings (but then your stars make no sens) or make a possibility that ONLY people have the right to rate, with whom a date was FIXED. So no rating after an escorts accept a date (that could be rated). There have to be 3 Steps:

- ask for a date

- accept a date

- rate a date

At the moment there is the possibility to rate even if there where only chats... and i think it shouldnt be possible to rate an escort if you havent met him...

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HUNQZ who lost their 5 Stars because of negative user ratings are jeallous of HUNQZ with 5 Stars and rate them negative, only to reduce their stars.

The new rating-system (rating is possible by everyone) is a big problem, because within a short time there will be no more escorts with good ratings. For each negative vote you need ten (!) positive ones to compensate it completely (and not to loose 1/2 Star), because you need 95% positive ratings to get 5 Stars. That itself is ok, but if there are frequently negative ratings of users (not customers) who wanna press pictures or jealous other HUNQZ or only squinting people, it makes no sense. a positive rating a HUNQ will get only for a good date. but it is not possible to have so many dates to compensate the number of negative (unfounded) ratings completely. So everybody will lose it stars only because of a mass of negative ratings by non-customers.

You cant compare this ratings with ratings of hotels, products and so on, which everybody can write without any proof of having bought or booked something, because there are less incentives to write negative ratings if there is nothing negative. Here (with escorts/HUNQZ) the main thing is a personal/sexual base and aspekts of beeing jealous become relevant.

I dont know why nobody thought about it, but even in normal chat you get conflicts with normal users, you have to block them, they create new profiles and so on. Of course Escorts/HUNQZ have this conflicts too, but much more and heavy. People who book Escorts or need escorts, because nobody want have sex with them, have (nearly all) special mental problems (because of that). half of them are okay, but the other halfe are mean.

I mean what is the idea of everybodys possibility to rate a HUNQ? That HUNQZ now have to do everything even in chat (!) to be liked by everyone and hope that every stupid chatter is satisfied and will not give a negative rating because of any minor reason?

It is an absolute no-go, that EVERYbody is able to leave a rating for an escort without anything was fixed.


The stars were added to my profile a few days ago. I am quite new and I only had 7 real reviews from real clients, and I got 4 stars out of 5 right from the start. First of all I don't understand how this was calculated, because I think that on the old website there was no way of adding an appreciation (thumbs up/down), only a comment, and I know that most of my clients used the old website. But I might be wrong on that. Suddenly I received an anonymous review and my stars dropped from 4 to 3. I was on holiday and I am sure it was a fake review because I had not met with anybody during my holiday. Nowadays you can't even see which user placed the anonymous review, so these scammers can do what they want. I have contacted Planetromeo and deactivated my profile until they come up with a solution. I may also cancel my Plus subscription by the end of the month if nothing changes.

Planetromeo, please think twice before you change things!


Yes, then you know what the problem is. If you have 3 Stars, then there are 20% negative ratings... maybe/of course fake ones... If normal users check how it works, they can damage easily an escorts rating by only a few negative ratings. of course it is only possible to rate an escort ONE time (form one single profile). but we know, that nearly everybody has more than one profile here... so it is very easy to leave a few negative ratings within minutes... and mention, that it is now (!) possible to create new profiles without e-mail-verrification. with this profiles you are not able to contact normal users, but escorts... and leave ratings. so it is very, very easy to create new profiles (even without having several email-accounts) to damage escorts reputation...

This rating-system is nonsens and seems to be for bullying escorts arround.

And maybe the planetromeo-team thinks about a rating system (as discribed in my first message) with a possibility to rate customers, too. Maybe on a way that this is only displayed for escorts (on, so that normal users are not able to see those ratings. I dont know what the planetromeo-teams opinion from escorts is, but maybe they think about that MANY of the customers = their users dont behave correct and other escorts should get information about this like the customers get ratings.


I've been thinking about this and actually no system is faker proof. There will always be fakers and they will always misuse the system where possible.

As a comparison, on RentMen users can leave a rating with stars, and the stars are shown on every single rating. The system will not calculate an average rating, so even if fakers would place a negative rating, it would only impact that one rating, not the total rating of the escort. That is probably the safest solution. However, personally I prefer how it used to be on the old website. The escort could also see who placed an anonymous review, which was also an additional control.

Meanwhile I'm keeping my profile deactivated. I'm waiting for Planetromeo to come up with a solution, or at least remove the stars from my profile. They have not yet answered the e-mail I sent them about a week ago.