Make "more top" and "more bottom" seperate filter tags for both users and escorts

Dareksen shared this idea 8 months ago

Please make "more top" and "more bottom" seperate filter tags like "top", "bottom" and "versatile" are now.

Because now you have to check versatile and top if you also want the "more top" profiles but it also clutters your results with just "top" profiles, making searches harder and more time consuming.


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Has this been looked at yet? The old site had these seperate filters and it makes a big difference in searching functionality.


I agree, I am more top and I want to find more bottom guys....

and what about the "no entry" filters? I want them back

what happens if I want to find users that have "safer sex: always or no entry"

I feel that In the search I am never seeing those people that have "no entry" in their stats because of my filters.

it is a really bad decision to leave that out


agreed 100%