modernise profiles, let us embed youtube, soundcloud, pictures, movies songs bands liked ect

FreddyE shared this idea 2 years ago
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The profiles are a bit "bland" and "old school", they are really in need of modernisation. My suggestion:

- let us embed youtube videos

- let us embed soundcloud clips

- let us import and embed our movie / bands likes from facebook

- let us embed our flickr albums

- let us embed our pinterest pins

- let us embed our twitter

- let us embed our stumbleupon likes

- let us embed newest one to three posts from our wordpress blogs

- and more similar stuff

All those things should be easy to do using the readily available and easy to use APIs of flickr, pinterrest, etc.

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by Anonymous? wtf? i left my nick behind...Flawlessj


No embedding of other "social" media please. Focus on what's important, the guys :-)


Most of the embedding will create additional tracking trails, unless there are javascript buttons to enable the embedded content.

So Google, Facebook etc. will have a nearly complete overview about all planetromeo user activity, even if only few users embed content. (*)

An example for the amplification of tracking by utilizing friends - or planetromeo profile visitors - from current news:

50 Users in Australia used the "Social Quiz" app "thisisyourdigitallife". This enabled Cambridge Analytica to collect profile data from 310.000 friends of those Users.

(*) I don't know to which extent Romeo is already using Google Services. Maybe Google does already know a lot about our activities on Romeo.


I want to use gifs. The romeo chat feels like 2005