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Many years ago (I cannot even remember when) I opened a profile at PlanetRomeo. Then some friends told me it can be interesting to have a second profile without facepicture, to be able to first talk and then reveal yourself, and so I did: also years ago, I opened a second one and then even a third profile with some innocent nickname (e.g. I like muscles or so). I have been using those 3 profiles for years as some of my friends do have more profiles as well, and there is nothing fake about them; both contain (either hidden or publically) the same facepix and anyone 'behind the scenes' can see that real conversations have been taking place there.

And then it happened: having thought I live in free Amsterdam, I woke up to see that as far as PlanetRomeo is concerned, I became the victim of mere arbitrariness, as we see in some countries where certain regimes intervene in social media. What happened?

Yesterday I woke up and had to see that all (!) my 3 profiles were blocked, "de-activated", all of a sudden, without prior warning, nor at the application itself, nor by email. The reason, and I quote:

"We have deactivated your profile and we are writing to explain why.

More than one profile

In order to guarantee a higher profile quality and authenticity, we only allow you to have one private ROMEO profile."

By email I was told to chose one out of three profiles that I wish to keep so that, after having used the other 2 for many years and being in touch with quite some people on those profiles, these other profiles will be deleted for good. If no choice is made, all 3 profiles will be deleted within 10 days!!

I did some investigations and I happen to have found out that no rule forbids having more than 1 profile, also not in the General Conditions, on the contrary: PlanetRomeo explicitly states on several fora in which it participates, that more than 1 profile is allowed. Here I quote some of those statements made by Planet:

"Hi there,

you are indeed allowed to have multiple profiles, and you can also switch between these easily in the apps.


"A user might have more than one profile or might simply erase the blocked profile and create a new one."

"PlanetRomeo ● 21 months ago

We won't be enforcing one account per email. However, we are going to be bringing in Email verification as a requirement for opening an account."

I have written these arguments to the support- desk who blocked me, by email as well as by replying through the website (application) itself. I politely and well motivated asked that person why all profiles are blocked from one split second to the other, having had to discover that after having used those 3 profiles for so many years, why I am " told" that all 3 of them will be deleted if I do not quickly make a choice for one of them, and delete the other 2.

Honoustly speaking, I really was and I still am very surprised about all this. I offered to pay for all 3 profiles if that is the problem, I offered even to identify myself if needed, I offered to show that those 3 profiles are not fake profiles etc. and I showed that no where it is written that more than 1 profile is forbidden. I even called the HQ in Amsterdam where I was told they will investigate it but up untill now... friday evening.... all 3 profiles are still blocked and no answer to my emaisl at all. All the people I have known there for so long, must be wondering what happened.

Please, I do need help with this: could anyone please tell me if there is a rule saying "one profile per person"? And if so: should a warning by email or PR-inbox not be more appropriate than to block all all of a sudden all profiles, theatening to delete them all within 10 days? Would it not be decent to reply to emails in which I quote PR as I did here (more than one profile is allowed, as far as my investagations bring me)?

I would highly appreciate all comments and information on this. Maybe I am wrong and somewhere is written that only one profile is allowed and have I been breaking that rule for so long, but then please inform me and show me which rule I broke. Would it not have been more appropriate to leave one profile open during this discussion?

Thank you!


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To add a wish:

please make clear whether or not more than more profile is allowed.

Another wish: in whatever case, please do not de-activate all of a sudden but first infom the member and give time to reply.

Imagine you go on a holiday for 10 days and when you retun all your profiles are gone! After many years and many coversations!

But for now: please be clear in how many profiles are allowed and do not de-activate all of a sudden, and:

pls do reply when a member writes back, espcially after something so very serious as de-activating.


Romeo support answer on this


I've been waiting a long time for an answer from the support team or an admin of romeo to solve my case. Please an answer.