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JaySG shared this idea 19 months ago

What's the sense of a timer to hide a visit at all? Either I want to hide or I don't care. Especially for profiles with detailed text it is impossible to read it completely.

The visited user should be informed directly for non plus users.

Paying users should decide with the "hide visit" button to be hidden or with the close button "X", go to previous user button "<" or go to next user button ">" that their visit is visible.

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I just saw, that the "hide visit" button closes the preview window. That makes no sense, when you are scrolling through the profiles and then have to find the next profile in the over view. The "hide visit" button should only close the preview window, when you are not in scrolling mode, means previous user button "<" or next user button ">" is not visible (i.e. coming from radar/home)


I agree. At the very minimum, the time permitted to hide visit should be increased from the current 30 seconds to at least 5 minutes. I do not appreciate paying for the premium service then being pressured into deciding whether or not to hide my visit within 30 seconds. We want to be able calmly peruse others' profiles without pressure. I feel like I am defusing a bomb and I have only 30 seconds to choose which wire to cut before the bomb's timer explodes the bomb anyway. The profile being viewed should not be informed of the visit at all, until the viewed profile is closed. There is no logic for why you have set the system up in the way you have. It seems that you are promoting quantity over quality, and are inciting people to not write much on their profile and that the priority is to keep on clicking. This is the wrong way around. You should provide users with a calm, fun experience, not a stressful one, where one has to keep the eye on the clock, like an episode of Countdown.


I agree. We want an older version of PlanetRomeo.

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