Planetromeo BV: communicate with your customers!

pororoca shared this idea 14 months ago

As your paying customer I urge you to explain to us what you're doing! Why aren´t you responding to our wishes, why are you destroying the businesses of the escorts? Are you ignorant, arrogant or shocked?

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3 weeks without communication. What are you doing in Amsterdam?


Frankly, what would be surprising is if they actually did bother to still read this forum, which is quite a mess. For starters, many users don’t even bother to write in English as requested, which is not inclusive and rather inefficient… or at least it would be if they did not also cheat with the voting – and very obviously too – making it completely worthless in the end.

Then there seems to be dozens of messages writing more or less the same things over and over again: it may be a good expedient for some to express their frustration, but it more than likely makes for a tediously repetitive and unhelpful read, while making other issues disappear under this unpalatable heap.

And of course there’s the unending stream of random messages and spam, which is not too surprising since PlanetRomeo still has not tackled this issue in its chat :)