Search by City / Country in the new Site

MarkFRA shared this idea 12 months ago

I dont understand why you cant search for people by city / country / language / interests etc. You can only search for users around you. There is already a fast fuck App its called Grindr. PR was something much better, where you could network, find new friends worldwide, explore travel destinations before and so on. All that will be gone soon, if Classic died, if you dont urgently include detailled search functionality in the new website.

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Did you try the Travel icon? There you can enter any location and search around it.


again a workarround, not the solution.


Exactly, also on the calssic page you can search for language and only display users, who speak English, very important in countries, where even young people usually dont speak any English. Also a search for country is not possible, only for city. The Classic Site is better in everything functionality, design and speed, I will never understand, why they kill it for a superficial fast fuck app.