"searching my age" including profiles not listing age preferences

johnono shared this idea 9 months ago

first of all, I think this filter is super helpful. as much as I think age shouldn't be such a big deal, still I don't want to see profiles when I'm outside their age preference. maybe this would also be good the other way around. If only people within your age preference could see your profile, younger guys couldn't be "harassed" by profiles way outside their age preferences, and "older" guys would not constantly be reminded that they are "too old" for some guys. also this would be an incentive to set your age preference more carefully, and not forget about it for years. but maybe this would only be a further incentive to lie about the age.

anyway, what I actually wanted to suggest is this: the filter "searching my age" should not exclude profiles that are not listing any age preferences. cause if someone doesn't any age preferences, that should mean that they're generally open to any age, and therefor should be included in the "searching my age" filter. otherwise those guys who are the most open-minded get excluded from these search results.

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@johnono I totally agree. The current behaviour of "searching my age" renders it useless. A fix would be greatly appreciated.