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Please synchronise app and mobile version so that deleted messages are deleted on both platforms (and maybe that chat history is kept on mobile version same way as in the app because now some chats disappear on mobile but can be found on app. Is that possible?)

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It doesn't work because it is different on wich server your message are saved:

In app:

Your message are saved on your device (local), so planetromeo don't have access to that messages.

In browser:

Your message are saved on server off planetromeo (cloud), so planetromeo has access to that messages and can save or delet it.

So if you want to save your chats longer than on planetromeo server (7 days), just save on your device like iPhone and you have it for years :-)


You're totally right. I have same idea like this hotmail login


Ok thank you for clarifying:-)

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Synchronization would really help. I use PR on the web, on iPhone, and on iPad. It is embarassing when revisiting chats w/o knowing what was said before... then one has to go thru all apps and online to find old chat history.