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In other websites there is a verification by ID card (hidden from user only for the verification) or by making a photo with the name written on a piece of paper or body part (not added in photoshop afterwards).

This can prevent many fake profile... just today I found that a person I chatted some time ago changed his whole profile overnight (an I really mean whole... now it's completely different...).

I reported him, obviously, but if one of these way can make the choice easier I think it should be considered... sending a photo of the body or of the ID card to be accredited as verified members can help us avoid fake profiles or people that every 2 weeks change their data.

The ID card would be hidden, but it would be easier to spot discrepancies like age or similar...

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Please consider the law. In France, you can ask someone to show his ID Card only if you are officer of the judicial police. This is because there are the only ones authorized to control your identity. So there is three things to consider :

- the fact that verification by ID Card should not be mandatory.

- the fact that, at least, Gayromeo must not store any ID Card whatever the reason.

- the fact that someone can refer case to the Prosecutor General (at least in France).



Be very careful with what you wish for.

Every time you ask someone to be the holder of an entire community's data, you have to consider that said community could have their identities exposed .

Consider is that PlanetRomeo operates in countries were gay relationships are ilegal or are technically legal but gay people still surfer persecution by the state. If you ask for everyone to have an ID attached to their account you potentially open the door for those governments to try to extract that information from PR. Also, hackers, do you remember the Ashley Madison data breach ?


there needs to be a way for romeos to be able to verify their profiles beyond doubt. if they choose to that is. it's not about storing your private information, they should never be stored and deleted once the verification ist completed.

it's an important step towards overcoming this plague of fake users.


I don't think there is any provider of identification services who does not store all identification information indefinitely.


dear romeo team,

it is up to you to limit functionality in order to sell more plus packages, however don't try to sell such a move as an improvement. that's just rude, so don't take your users for fools.

the new filter makes it in no way easier or quicker to find what one is looking for. it's the oppoiste for standard users, which make up the vast majority of your community.

personally, i simply too annoyed to scroll through endless profiles i'm not at all interested in when i know how easy it was before at the same time. i'm into a certain body type, which i'm no longer able to filter for as a standard user (who you still earn money from via ads (which you are just not able or willing to regulate concerning sounds and vibrating))

you could at least simply let users choose a certain amount of criteria themselves and with the others available in plus.

for example a body type instead of age, or height... thechnically ease, other apps manage to do so too.

even with a plus membership one is no longer able to save seraches. that's especially annoying since you increased prices for premium at the same time as you cutt of functionality.

i understand that you are in the middle of rebuilding your platform which is a complicated endavour, but seriously guys, you're all over the place!

all you do is cutting back (working) functionality without any replacement for it. at the same time you just don't seem to care about fixing known and common problems.

and worst of all: your communication is beneath contempt.

this is perfectly visible on this wish site. there are tons of great suggestions and by the huge amount of almost identical ones concerning topics like fakers it is easy to see what you really should work on.

however you just don't seem to care. you fail to find a consistent and apropriate way to mange this site. you merge topics randomly and inconsistently. you fail to inform about what is actually being worked on and implemented (you had a dedicated site for that exactely which you just deleted at one point. functions you annouced there like camera support, solutions for clubs and escorts, as well as visible known personally level are nowhere to be seen almost a year later).

you answer randomly whith mostly empty phrases and promises.

it is very uspetting to see how much you lean back on your size and how little you actually care about your users.

since you do adress randomly and mostly with identical posts, i feel obligated to do the same with mine.

please overthink what you are doing and communicate it in an honest and reliable way!


it's sad to see that this suggestion got "declined" without any comment from the romeo team whatsoever.




Hey guys,

sorry for not responding to this sooner, we have been discussing a lot of wishes and these things can obviously take time.

We really do want to improve our faker checks and verification. Unfortunately, even though this wish thread has been very popular, introducing verification through ID card is simply not possible for legal reasons. We cannot keep scans of ID cards on our systems for security and privacy reasons.

If someone sends an ID scan and we verify them as genuine, and then delete their ID scan, there would be nothing to stop them from then uploading fake pictures anyway and we would have nothing to compare it to.

Thanks for all your feedback though.


so the problem of providing an option to verify profiles has nothing to do with additional work it would cause you but only that you can't come up with a working process?

you still could use ID cards, safe the picture on it (only the picture of the face and nothing more!) marked as "authenticated" in the users profile (preferably watermarked with the profile number). this picture has to be openly visible and can't be deleted without losing the authenticated label.

you could even charge for the process and work it takes (like 2-5€, once only!).

the option to filter for verified users has to be included in that fee.

it should of course be a choice to verify and not oligatory.


It isn't to do with the extra work. We already verify users identity every day with ID scans or proof with profile number in a selfie.

We cannot save ANY part of an ID scan, for legal reasons.

The problem is that verifying these profiles based on these pictures is fine, but there is nothing to stop the users from changing the pictures afterwards.

With over 1.8 million profiles on our site, monitoring this manually would simply be impossible. And we would end up relying on reports from users again, and the whole process would start over, only now with potential fake profiles showing up in 'verified user' searches.

If it is not obligatory, why not just upload your own verification pictures out of choice? This way everyone will know that you are not fake yourself (at least if they are watermarked or have your profile name/number in them).


don't be bitchy here please. you know very well that it's not about individuals getting creative to proof that they aren't fake.

it's about providing a reliable and official option(!) for users NOT to depend on such measures.

you say yourself that there is a need for it as you already verify users every day. however i don't see how this is verification for all the reasons you state yourself.

if you actually don't mind the extra work (and additional income through the option of a fee) then don't store anyting of the ID. simply ask for a picture of it aswell as a picture the user wants to be visibe as "verified" in his profile. this way can make sure the person on the picture is authentic while you don't have to store any ID scan. you could also include the need to deposit a mobile number or adress that is part of your verification process. this would provide information that could be used in the any case of fraud (identity, forgery of documents, harrasment).

or use a completely different approach. if you actually consider to provide verification there are houndreds of services and methods with working and legal options for it. you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

so let's make it simple:

are you not providing authentication because you are unable to find a way for it or do you simply don't want to?


For data privacy laws we cannot store any personal data from our users at all. This is simply not an option.

We will look into other ways of providing verification, but it simply cannot be done with ID scans.


The answer is given here: Would be too much work. But I wonder how other companies handle the possible legal problems. I often got asked for a passport scan, and I assume they keep it in their internal database.


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