What about all kind of relationships???

Lollo Porcinus shared this idea 12 months ago

Dear staff,

First of all, thank you for your great job and the chance you give us all to relate to eachother! I'm a customer since -I don't know exactly- more than 10 years? I met on Planet Romeo my actual partner 6 years ago. And more recently WE met on Planet Romeo our new partner. It's not just about a threesome, not just about sex. It's about sharing each other's life. It's about feelings and caring. It's a "2.0 family". Actually more like a 3.0 kind, maybe!

As many other customers that we obviously relate to, we would like to ask you in your next upgrade to allow more slots in the "partnered" area, so that more that 2 costumers can affirm their relationship to the rest of your community. Love as no rules and no standards... love is love and it's also evolution and prosperity. Please allow us to tell the world that a family is where love is, no matters how many people are involved in it.

Feel free to use this text or part of it, if you wish to, if you want to explain to your community why you are being so kind to a part of this community. Thank you for your time and kindness,

Lollus_in_fabula aka Lorenzo (from Rome)

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great idea!! :-)